Hey I’m Sam

And this is Wonderlust. Based in Hobart, Tasmania.

I’ve been telling stories for over 8 years. It’s pretty much the only real job I’ve ever had. I feel incredibly lucky to have couples invite me into what is a very special day in their lives. It’s not something I take lightly – it’s something I grasp onto with a camera between my hands as I capture the memories that you create throughout the day and feel privileged to be able to do so.

Wonderlust was born from my desire to create, a way to tell unique stories through moving image. However, Wonderlust isn’t where I began. Originally from right here in Hobart, Tasmania, I spent a period of time in tropical Queensland. It was there that I started my story telling chapter and I have now returned to Tasmania to found this creative outlet.

For me it’s about telling a story – whatever that story may be and the moments that make it. Some moments are small. Some are big. Some are happy and some are sad. Some may even go unnoticed by you but not by me.

The precious, most memorable moments are probably not where you think you’ll find them. I love what I get to do and the people I get to meet.

That’s my story, I’d love to hear about yours.

To find out more about me, how I work and what exactly I offer, check out the Q&A page.